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Special Holiday Roast Coffee

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Try our House BUZZBLEND

Special Holiday Roast Coffee

BuzzMug Signature Blend

The BuzzMug blend coffee, or BuzzBlend, is our choice brew. This coffee is a fine blend of some of the finest coffee beans from Colombia, Sumatra and Brazil. This coffee is a smooth dark-medium roast.

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Julian Coffee RoastersFresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee

We are proud to feature the full line of Julian Coffee Roasters coffee, “Micro Roasted, Macro Taste.”From its state-of-the-art roasting facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, Julian Coffee Roasters finds the finest green coffee beans from around the globe and hand roasts each bean to its peak flavor.  Julian’s is consistently rated outstanding by the prestigious

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You do not get coffee that has been sitting on the shelf for ages. Your coffee is roasted no more than 48 hours before we ship it!


All roasted coffee is sold in 1lb bags. These bags are 2-ply foil bags with one-way valves. These bags are heat sealed to ensure that no outside air can get in. Because fresh-roasted coffee gives off gas right after it is roasted, the valve is needed to let the pressure release.

  • Fair Trade CertifiedCERTIFIED ORGANIC: We carry many coffees that are certified organic. We will state this in the coffee description.
  • FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED: We also carry Fair Trade certified coffees. Take a look at the coffee descriptions for Fair Trade coffees.

You will see various terms used in our coffee (or anyone's coffee) descriptions. If you're unfamiliar with these terms, it can sound like Greek (or if you're Greek, it can sound like Texan).

  • Single Origin Coffees are from a single farm, region, or country.
  • Blends are made of a blend of single origin coffees.
  • Light Roast coffees are roasted for a shorter period of time at lower temperatures to preserve the acid profile of a coffee.
  • Full City Roast is designed to capture the truest flavor of any single bean. Lighter and darker roasts are then utilized to highlight specific characteristics.
  • Triple Roasted coffee is a blend of light, full city and dark roasts that create a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.
  • Dark Roasted are roasted longer and at higher temperatures to create bold, deep, full-bodied coffees.
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