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| | | | | | is proud to offer some of the finest tea you might EVER TASTE.

Swan Sisters tea is found in the best coffee shops and tea boutiques in America. We are proud to be able to offer these teas to you online.

Some Recent Customer Testimonials...

"Forgot to say that, this morning, I opened a new can of tea (The Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea) and, oh my goodness, HEAVEN on the tongue!  Those Swan Sisters teas are too terrific for description  This Oolong is quite different from the other Oolong.  This one has a very flowery, sweet taste while the other one tastes similar to the Ginseng Green Tea.  Really cant choose a them ALL! "


"At your suggestion I tried the SwanSisters Jasmine, and it was THE BEST JASMINE TEA I'VE EVER HAD. You have created a fan. Not only will I be drinking this on a regular basis, I will look forward to trying the other teas too!

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Iron Goddess of Mercy
Oolong Tea

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong
This tea offers a powerful
orchid scent & a
creamy sweet flavor.

Green Tea
Ginseng Green Tea
A natural blend of tea and ginseng that is both
healthy and delicious!

Yellow Mountain
Green Tea

Yellow Mountain Green Tea
Offers a light roasted
flavor and a
sweet aftertaste.

Mao Feng
Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Green Tea
With tea leaves have been gently scented with jasmine flowers.

Lapsong Souchong
Black Tea

Lapsong Souchong Black Tea
Boasts smooth, smoky richness.

Thousand Step
Oolong Tea

Thousand Step Oolong
A velvety texture,
caramel color and
smooth creamy finish.

White Peony
White Tea

White Peony White Tea
A mature tea with a
rich amber color and
essences of chamomile.

Crescent Moon
Herbal Tea

Crescent Moon Herbal Tea
California grown lavender,
peppermint and lemon peel
in perfect proportions.

SwanSisters Bulk TeasBulk Tea Now Available!

Save money by purchasing your favorite SwanSisters Tea in our new 1lb bulk bags!

Bulk tea bags keep your tea fresh and offer a resalable top.

These bags offer tea at a lower cost than individual tins, and are perfect for coffee & tea shops as well as everyday tea lovers!

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and single-tin SwanSisters teas

  • As a commitment to you and to the Earth, SwanSisters tea comes from farms who only produce tea without the use of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, promising you the purest, freshest tea available from the soil to your cup!
  • Importing tea to the US the same season it is harvested promises outstanding quality and freshness.
  • Grocery store teas (even the big name brands) are put on the shelves YEARS after they are harvested. They are not fresh.
  • Browse our selection of SwanSisters tea now.

Click here to browse all of our bulk
and single-tin SwanSisters teas


Mao Feng Jasmine Loose Leaf TeaSwanSisters is a family run company importing and distributing authentic, high quality Chinese teas and promoting tea culture and education. SwanSisters purchases all of their teas directly from the producers, guaranteeing them the fairest price possible.

Whenever possible, SwanSisters carries certified organic teas, but they also carry outstanding organically grown teas from small producers that may not yet have access to the certification process. SwanSisters will spend the harvest seasons with the growers, tasting dozens of teas. They will choose only the most distinct and memorable ones. SwanSisters thinks that a great tea is a tea that you can remember, a tea that sets the mood, or marks an occasion!

Each year in tea production is unique, so their tea selection must vary with the changes in the climates and with our tea masters. SwanSisters sells only fresh green, white, oolong and black teas, along with authenticated pure vintages.

SwanSisters not only wants to provide tea to their customers, but wants to help all of their tea drinkers to develop their palates and learn the stories and culture that come with each cup of tea. To SwanSisters, tea is a magical beverage that includes fascinating ancient cultures, complex tastes and aromas, beautiful meditative pouring ceremonies and modern scientifically proven health benefits.

BuzzMug and SwanSisters wants to share our passion for tea with our customers, and promote tea as a path to a healthier, more connected life.

Browse our selection of SwanSisters tea now.

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